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Semestre 2

The second semester is a continuation of the first semester where obviously It focuses on Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, and general knowledge about Aeronautics.

Maths 2

This module introduces you to the numerical methods which are techniques by which the mathematical problems involved with the engineering analysis cannot readily or possibly be solved by analytical methods such as 

Navier–Stokes equation in Fluid Mechanics and Maxwell's equations in Electromagnetic Waves.

Phisics 2

In this course, the definition of electric charge will be given as well as a discussion of the law of conservation of charge. You'll learn how Coulomb's law relates the electric force to charge and separation distance. 

Chemistry 2

This module gives you a good background in thermodynamics which is a branch of physics that deals with heatwork, and temperature, and their relation to energyradiation, and physical properties of matter. The focus of thermodynamics in aerospace engineering is on the production of work, often in the form of kinetic energy (for example in the exhaust of a jet engine) or shaft power, from different sources of heat. For the most part, the heat will be the result of combustion processes.